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Pump (Submersible Aerator)

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Submersible Aerator employs an impeller connected directly to the motor. AS the centrifugal force of impeller, an area of negative pressure appears at the periphery of the impeller. The air sucked down into the water is subjected to air-water collision within the guide vane, and this mixed air-water current is forcibly discharged through the discharge outlet. This system is high dfficiency of oxygen saturation caused by high lebel of oxygen movemint.


  • For preaeration and primary aeration for industrial waste water treatment.
  • For preaeration and primary aeration for sewage water treatment.
  • For oxygen suction system for cultivation purpose.


Compared with the other models, the amount of oxygen saturation per kw/hr is significantly high. The same can be said in regards to the efficiency of its circulation convection.